About Us

In 2004 Jerry Shriver designed and started making the Shriver Original Arm Guard, Archery Quivers and the Flame Crester. Over the next 3 years Jerry traveled to the Traditional Bowhunters Expo in Kalamazoo Michigan, Cloverdale Nationals in Cloverdale Indiana, Eastern Traditional Archery Rendezvous at Denton Hill State Park in Pennsylvania, and to the Compton Traditional Bowhunters Rendezvous in Berrien Springs Michigan. In 2008 due to other obligations and the decline of the economy Jerry stopped producing archery equipment and focused only on his equine product line.

At the end of 2014 Jerry’s friend Bob Burns convinced him to bring back the Shriver Original Arm Guard and other products with a new twist-laser engraved images. In late 2015 www.shriverarmguards.com was launched. All of the armguards are handmade to the same great Shriver quality and design that our customers expect.

The original Flame Crester has also been brought back into production, and now includes an instructional How to DVD.

Jerry has introduced new quiver and arm guard designs and will continue to innovate while maintaining the values of traditional archery. We are back and better than ever!!

Please visit us online or give us a call at 816-944-4161

Hope to see you all down the road at a future archery event, until then.

Be Safe and Shoot Straight

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